Deadliest Catch: Behind The Scenes…Great Show!

 Last night’s Behind The Scene’s special was just that–Pretty Special!  Not only was it great to see the work that goes into the production of Deadliest Catch, we also got to see some of the extra footage that the most avid of Deadliest Catch fans have been clammering about for the last 2 years…Specifically, some of those “really special” moments when the fishing crews aren’t having the best of days!  Kudos to Sig Hansen for not being afraid to show when he “could care less”–about the filming that is.

 I was already aware of the hard work the Original Productions crews do when it comes to filming Deadliest Catch, nevertheless the amount of prep work that goes into it and  the injuries the production crews suffer is amazing and somewhat painful to watch…specifically the cameraman who stepped in the tank and lost it and the numerous vomitting sessions suffered by film crew members…Acclimating to the rocking motion of fishing vessels that travel the Bering Sea must be one tough job in of itself! Obviously it not only takes a special kind of person to fish for crab…it takes some pretty adventurous types to do the filming as well!   

 One thing for sure, the amount of equipment and people working on Deadliest Catch season 3 was double from previous seasons according to a comment made on the show.  The number of fishing vessels that have gone down since Discovery/Original Productions starting filming crab fishermen: 6.  The number of lives lost in the Bering sea in that same amount of time: 44. 

Deadliest Catch filming and production crew…Unsure of which season.

Deadliest Catch numbers from Discovery

8,000: The hours of footage shot over the course of the king and opilio crab seasons, filling 5,000 videotapes. This footage is painstakingly edited down to 12 one-hour episodes.

5,000: The pounds (2,268kg) of equipment the production team has to ship from Los Angeles to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, to film Deadliest Catch

200: The number of hours a Deadliest Catch producer/cameraman flew in US Coast Guard rescue helicopters this season.

60: The number of cameras the film crews starts with each season. Only a third of the cameras are still working when they return to land. The others are ruined by saltwater and freezing temperatures.

60: The maximum number of seconds it takes a cameraman to put on their survival suit before they are allowed to go out to sea.

36: The average number of days a cameraman will spend at sea over the course of one season of Deadliest Catch.

32: The record number of consecutive days a Deadliest Catch cameraman has spent at sea (aboard the F/V Northwestern during the 2006 cod and opilio crab seasons).

18: The number of cameramen used to film the third series of Deadliest Catch.

4: The number of minutes someone can survive in the Bering Sea without a survival suit.

3: The number of lives saved by the US Coast Guard during those rescue flights

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