Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketTaking place this week is Global Food Alaska, which I’ve posted about before.  It’s a large coming together of all of Alaska’s Food chain…First of it’s kind, I believe.  One of the Key events is/was an appearance and presentation done by none other then some of the Deadliest Catch skippers!  Well it happened and lucky for us fans…someone by the name of “Kevin”, just happened to be up in AK snapping photos of you know who!  These are great pics so thanks and courtesy to Kevin… and his blog Up North In Alaska is pretty interesting too!  (Captions are by Kevin too)

So there was this global sea food show that I was real lucky to goto because the guy who was supposed to go couldn’t go because he was in the field (THANKS PAUL!!!). Anywho there were a few celerities…I’ll give you a hint as to who they were.One of the celebrities always wears this coat while smoking copious amounts of cigarettes.
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Yep, Jonathan from the Deadliest Catch (you do watch tv don’t you?)
Jonathan and Larry

alsoPhil Harris, and his boys
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Talked to his boys for about 15 minutes…great guys…still working all year, didn’t seem to washed up in all the publicity and fame…but definitely loved the attention from the females, and the free drinks they receive. Sig was supposed to be there, but he got sick and had to stay in Seattle 😦 Also I got to meet the Hottest GOVERNOR in the nation, miss Sarah Palin…. She was a blast to talk to for a second..she even put her arm around me…..oh man…This was part of an industry trade show where Alaskan businesses came together to sell their included a dinner, expo, and site visits. The dinner was an absolute blast…….all Alaskan food and drink with a bunch of BIG WIGS. Unbenounced to me I was babbling to a legislature that was sitting at our table for awhile..Here’s what the menu inluded, and I must stress it was all you can eat drink…. King Crab
Snow Crab
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written by Jospeh Robertia…

Supply meets demand at Global Food Alaska There’s nothing fishy about the Global Food Alaska 2007 conference and trade show that began Wednesday and continues today at the Soldotna Sports Center. “This is not a typical trade show. This is a completely different animal,” said Robin Richardson, member manager of Global Food Collaborative LLC, one of sponsors of the event.Rather than consumers buying small amounts of a product as with other trade shows, Richardson said the purpose of this event was to get those involved with Alaska’s supply chain of food, beverage and bio-products to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other.“We don’t have vendors looking to sell salsa. Our vendors are looking to find a buyer that wants to use their salsa as a base ingredient in a recipe. They’re looking for a buyer to form a long-term, sustainable business relationship with,” she said.

  King crab sits on ice at The Crab BrokerÕs display. Photo by M. Scott Moon

The event brought together roughly 320 vendors and buyers, some small, local family-owned business, others huge, multinational entities. There were fishermen, seafood processors, ice packers, transporters, importers and exporters, sellers and buyers, and government organizations, to name just a few groups in attendance.

“It runs the gamut,” said Rick Roeske, program manager for Cook Inlet Salmon Brand, another sponsor of the event.

Roeske added that having so many varied, but interrelated entities under one roof served as a valuable opportunity to learn from each other and collaborate on ways to maximize generating sustainable business and economic developments from Alaska’s bounty.

“People Outside are kind of removed from the food source, but this gives national and international buyers a chance to visit Alaska, sit down and ask questions about the process from harvest to market. And, with it being closed to the public, sellers and buyers can — in a non-stress environment — discuss what is done, negotiate prices and strike deals,” he said.

Sean Crosby, of Kenai River Seafoods, said attending the event was beneficial to his organization.

“It’s a great deal for us as producers and sellers, because there are a lot of buyers, packagers and transporting companies here, so we’re getting exposure to all the people we need to talk to in order to do business,” Crosby said.

While some came looking to forge business deals, some participating in the event — such as the crab boat captains of the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” — said they came to discuss their roles working in the seafood industry.

It’s important to have people aware of what is going on with catching crab in the Bering Sea,” said Phil Harris, captain of the Cornelia Marie.

Harris said viewers of the show may learn a lot about crab fishing, but they’re only getting half the story.

“They don’t get to see the politics and they’re are a lot of politics to crab fishing,” he said.

Larry Hendricks, captain of the Sea Star in season one of the reality show, said he was also interested in informing people that crab fishing is a sustainable and renewable industry that is being challenged by crab from other countries, caught by fishermen that may not abide by the same standards as American fishermen.

“We follow regulations, we use methods to better target select species, and we harvest responsibly so the product will stay sustainable for generations to come. But, foreign importers are selling back to America crab caught by fishermen from other places — such as Russia — that aren’t held to the same standards, so we’d like to see crab become a certified fish product, similar to the way Angus beef is a certified beef product,” he said.

Rick Roeske said based on the success of the event, he was hoping it would become a regular occurrence.

“We’d like to do this every two years,” Roeske said.

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