The Lockspot Cafe in AFTER THE CATCH

06/12/07  I guess we could call this a little bit of Deadliest Catch–or should I say–After The Catch geography…


 As comfortable as a well-worn loafer, the wood-paneled Lockspot has the flavor of a favorite hang-out in a coastal hamlet. Crusty old-timers can be found hunched over the bar pool table while mothers with babies in strollers gossip in a nearby booth. For everyone, however, whether they grab a quick bite at the outdoor stand or dine indoors, the main attraction is the fish and chips. Skip the cod and go straight for the halibut, fresh, meaty and tender…and bring on the tartar sauce! Go to Lockspot Café for a place that offers American dishes an emphasis on sandwiches and seafood.

Located right across from the entrance to the Ballard Locks, this little café will prove to be the perfect place to stop and get fish and chips. You can sit down inside or you can walk right up to the counter they have accessible from the outside. Grab your food and head to the Locks and enjoy your Lockspot seafood picnic on the grass!

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9 Responses to The Lockspot Cafe in AFTER THE CATCH

  1. Waaaaaaaaaaah I wanna go to Alaska! Muttermutterwhinegrumble.
    LOL. Love the pics. Thanks.

  2. ptowner says:

    It’s actually in Seattle, not Alaska…

  3. opilia says:

    Ballard, right?

  4. Dvi says:

    It’s going to be hard finding a seat at the Lockspot now that its on the map, thanks to After the Catch.

  5. linda says:

    is this the place where the captians meet for after the deadliest catch

  6. Well if you cannot get in lockspot go just around the corner to rays boathouse cafe, you will not be sorry.


    Savannah, Georgia

  7. opilia says:

    Hi Linda, Yep, the Lockspot is the place where After The Catch is being filmed.

    Hi David–Ray’s Boathouse cafe is probably not a bad idea considering the Lockspot will probably be packed all summer…

  8. I hope to get back soon. I want to hit Vancouver Island next time

    Do they serve Irish whiskey & fish, chips & grits for breakfast?

    another neat place is the Ole Crows Nest in Gloucester, Mass. Nothing like a good ole lobster roll and a few Bud. Remeber the Perfect Storm? 100 footers !!

    Watching these waves break over the boat reminds me of my Army days running 100 foot tug boats offshore. yeeeee dogieeeeeeeeeee !!!

  9. I guess nobody knows what grits are in Seattle. LOL

    Nothing better than a fresh fried trout or mullet with grits & tobasco. Mullet is great in Cedar key. Great Fla. stone crabs too !

    I sure would like to know WHEN (what month) and WHERE (restaurant or fish house) a person could buy fresh red king crab. I have eaten tons of snow crab but never the real kings. The kings I have seen around Savannah look frost bitten.

    Last post have a great evening Opilia & Linda.


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