Deadliest Catch

 …Things you may or may not already know about Deadliest Catch…

DID YOU KNOW…Thom Beers is the CEO and executive producer of Original Productions which is the creator of Deadliest Catch.  He founded the company in 1999 which is the same year that he filmed and produced a one hour show called, The Deadliest Job in the World.  According to Beers, The Deadliest Job in the World was THE original predecessor of Deadliest Catch as we know it today.

DID YOU KNOW…That the greatest and deepest canyon in the world isn’t the Grand Canyon?  Instead, the greatest canyons on earth are found below the Bering Sea between Siberia and Alaska. Here, seven canyons exist together. Among them are the 240-mile-long Bering Canyon, the 60-mile-wide Navarin Canyon, and the 9,000-foot-deep Zhemchug Canyon. The Grand Canyon, in contrast, is only 10 miles wide and mile deep, winding 250 miles through Arizona.They were created 75 million years ago when slow movement of the crust plates created a broad shelf 8,500 feet above the ocean floor from Alaska to Siberia.   YIKES!  This is what our favorite fishermen are fishing over?  Try imagining THAT while watching the next episode!

DID YOU KNOW…Deadliest Catch is an internationally acclaimed show and the Discovery website has information and fansites on Deadliest Catch for other countries, for example DiscoveryUK DeadliestCatch.  What’s really interesting, is that UK fans can potentially win a free trip to Alaska!  As of now, the competition for a free trip has closed and a winner is soon to be announced!

DID YOU KNOW…According to Jeff Conroy on his Avid Podcast interview, after the film crews are completely finished with their work on the boats, they take two to three days to write an outline of the storyline that took place on their respective fishing vessels while they were out at sea.  The outline is then given to the film editors who use it as a guideline in deciding what film footage we end up seeing on television!

DID YOU KNOW…Sig Hansen is not only the skipper and owner of the F/V Northwestern, and Larry Hendrick’s is not only the owner of the Sea Star, they are currently the only two professional consultants to the show, Deadliest Catch.

DID YOU KNOW…Some people might assume that because crab fishing is such a physical blue collar line of work that it doesn’t consist of men who are intellects, yet Cache Seel, the lone survivor of the tragic sinking of the F/V Big Valley in 2005 is alive and well, and writing quite prolifically for Egypt Today: The Magazine of Egypt.

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One Response to Deadliest Catch

  1. Craig Pennypacker says:

    Hello Larry,
    Craig Pennypacker here. Formally of Riverdale Mills Corp. Used to sell you wire mesh for Got Ya’s. Remember we thought that welded wire mesh could be used in crab pots? Yeah, right. Blue Crab pots for sure.
    Love the show. Great ass-kicking fishing. Sig (and the rest of you guys) remind me of me 35 years ago when I fished tub-trawl. Two and half packs of weeds, 27 cups of coffee, sleep with your eyes open, bait-set-coil-dress, bait-set-coil-dress, bait-set-coil-dress……24/7!! Proud of all you guys.
    Hope we can meet up again sometime.
    Best regards,I’ll be watching.
    Craig Pennypacker

    Craig H. Pennypacker
    Maritime Marketing,LLC
    15 Thompson’s Trace
    P.O. Box 404
    Chatham, Massachusetts 02633
    cell 1-508-246-6545
    home 1-508-945-0484
    fax 1-508-413-2513

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