F/V Northwestern Heads North…

Edgar and Norman Hansen, Jake Andersen, and Matt Bradley left on the F/V Northwestern earlier today.  They’re headed to Alaska for salmon tendering for the summer.  Later in the year they’ll possibly do a little codfishing and of course, king crab is coming up again in October.  If they have time they’ll head home for a rest, otherwise they are gone  until November when the’re done with king crab season.  Strange isn’t it, for us to be watching NEW episodes of Deadliest Catch while the fishermen are already preparing for the next season.Before they left, however, they had a little fan onboard who was lucky enough to get a tour of the Northwestern, and the little fan was kind enough to put together a little video clip so we could all enjoy it.  So here he is onboard the F/V Northwestern with the best paint job she’s had in 30 years!

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2 Responses to F/V Northwestern Heads North…

  1. What an awesome video. And Quinn is adorable.

  2. Mike Sturdevant Newberg,Oregon says:

    Capt.Sig did you ever run into a crab fisherman by the name of Tony Dressel He was my brother in law I salmon fished with him on bristol bay…Thanks Mike

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