Crab, Brilliantly Scored Theme Songs, and Wine to Suit Them Both

Source: The SecondGlass .  It’s a nice article about eating crab,  but MAKE SURE you listen to the song…

This time last year I was in North Carolina in the heart of Crab Season. For lunch, there was crab, for dinner, there were Soft Shells, and for breakfast there was leftover crabmeat omelets. It was overkill at the time but now all I can think about is how well a creamy Chardonnay would compliment a Crab Bisque or how a Riesling or Gewurztraminer would cut through the spice of a Crab covered in Old Bay seasoning. The morning afterwards, the white table wine from the Adriano Ramos Pinto house in Portugal would do the trick. At 8 bucks, this bottle of acidic food-wine would do right by your morning omelet and a lawn chair. While digging into the omelet you could throw ‘Deadliest Catch’ on the TV and see how that crab got to your plate. In this Discovery Channel show, cameras follow a crab fishing boat sailing through 40-foot waves to pick up crab pots. Did I mention the cast and crew has a 100% injury rate? Here’s a brilliant theme song for the show to get you in the crab-eating mood.
P.S. the picture is of a 15 pound Canadian Emperor Crab served for $450

By Chris

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One Response to Crab, Brilliantly Scored Theme Songs, and Wine to Suit Them Both

  1. That’s freaking hilarious!!!! Love it.

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