Global Food Alaska

…Global Food Alaska – 2007 is designed to welcome commercial and institutional buyers, investors and supply chain partners to meet Alaska’s commercial harvesters and producers, of food, beverage and bio products. Producers and harvesters will be represented from remote regions such as Kodiak, St. Paul (Bering Sea) Delta, St.Mary’s on the Yukon River, Unalaska (Dutch Harbor), Cordova (home of the famous Copper River), Bristol Bay and much more. They will devote 2 days to sharing their stories of their harvests, sustainability, chain of custody, quality food processing systems and learn ways to be responsive to buyer markets. Even the crab skippers of the popular, Discovery series, Deadliest Catch, will be attending to talk about their harvested product and sustainability of the Bering Sea.    

Rick Roeske, Director for Cook Inlet Salmon Brand, Inc. (Kenai Wild), states that “the timing could not be better to present face to face contact between buyer and harvester and include the entire supply chain under one roof. Markets have greater concerns about the environmental impact of their food sources and we are anxious to respond to concerns about sustainability, carbon foot print and ways that we can be part of a meaningful solution.”

The event is being held in the summer season to show off Alaska’s harvest season and provide full visibility into the bounty and supply chain. During the 2 day event, participants will collectively recognize and and celebrate our bounty with a special presentation by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to those who have shown leadership in Alaska’s creating sustainable products and business.

Global Food Alaska – 2007 is a place for commercial buyers, sellers, investors and associated services of Alaska’s food, beverage and bio products industry to meet and do business. It will feature 150 exhibits, a 2 day conference featuring food/beverage and bio products buyers of all segments and sizes. The event highlight will feature a reception recognizing outstanding accomplishment in 3 categories; 1) harvester 2) processor and 3) market partners. and the markets and mobilize to respond.

Learn more about Global Food Alaska here

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