Seattle’s Fisherman Memorial

 “Dedicated to promoting safety in the fishing fleets and easing the burdens of the families and friends of fishermen/women lost at sea… ” May 6th is the first Sunday of the month and is therefore the yearly memorial service for those who’ve perished at sea. Many of the fishermen and crews we see on Deadliest Catch actually hail from the Seattle area not the mention the many we don’t see. If you’re like me–an avid long distance fan–you can learn more about this memorial that is dear to the heart of our favorite fisherman by visiting the memorial’s website . The memorial is located at the Seattle Fishermen’s Terminal

Recognition and Comfort

In 1988, the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial dedicated a magnificent bronze and stone aggregate monument at Seattle’s Fishermen’s Terminal. The celebration culminated years of effort and generous contribution by Seattle’s commercial fishing community. This towering sculpture and the bronze name plaques at its base have become a place of reverence, recognition and healing for the families of more than 670 local commercial fishermen and women who have lost their lives pursuing their livelihood since the turn of the century.

More than a tribute to an industry and the lives of its men and women, the monument fills a special need for commercial fishing families. In many instances, those who are lost at sea simply vanish, leaving their loved ones without a word or a trace. The construction of this monument has provided their memory a residence, a site for family and friends to visit, to place flowers, to reflect and to heal.

Each Spring, on the first Sunday of May, the Memorial hosts a service to honor all of those who have died at sea and to place additional names on the plaques. Sadly, commercial fishing remains the country’s most dangerous profession, and new names have been added each year.

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2 Responses to Seattle’s Fisherman Memorial

  1. Amy K says:

    The sculpture is just beautiful. It is always a tense moment when fishermen’s lives are in peril on the show; I cried the other night when Jonathan and his crew were able to pull a man out. Lovely post. Thank you.

  2. mike Swatter says:

    Wow, what an amazing sculpture! My grandpa was a tuna fisherman and i looked up to him greatly. He was a very brave and respectable man, like most men in the fishing business. He passed away at sea in 1984. I recently got a commemorative tattoo on my thigh and bought a memorial plaque to place in my garden. Finding a company that offered affordable and quality bronze plaques was such a hassle. I finally found a website that gave us awesome service and the plaque looked great too. I give them my highest recommendations!

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