Another update on F/V Sea Star’s conversion to Tourist Attraction

05/04/07  Capt. Larry Hendricks, who appeared in Deadliest Catch season one on the F/V Sea Star has retired from commercial crab fishing and moved on.  Along with Sig Hansen, he’s now a consultant on Deadliest Catch where no doubt, he gets to share his vast knowledge on the crab fisheries and he’s refurbished his fishing vessel for visitors… 

From Bering Sea crab boat to Ketchikan tourist trap

UNALASKA, AK (2007-05-03) A crab boat that spent nearly four decades in the Bering Sea will begin a second life as a tourist attraction in Ketchikan later this month.

For a fee, visitors to the Southeastern port can get a tour of the fishing vessel Sea Star, which appeared on the first season of the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” before the boat was retired from the crab fishery following crab rationalization in 2005.

“The show is very popular–we get quite a few people coming down to the docks here in Seattle wanting to see a crab boat,” said Sea Star owner Larry Hendricks, a retired crab fisherman who now works as a consultant for the production company that films “Deadliest Catch.” “So it just made common sense to look at the possibility of making it a tourist attraction and promote the Alaskan crab fishery.”

Sea Star Tours is a joint project between Hendricks and Gary Stewart, the captain of the retired vessel Polar Lady, which also appeared on the first season of “Deadliest Catch.” Many of the series’ current stars, including the captains of the Northwestern, the Cornelia Marie and the Maverick, are investors in the business, and Hendricks said they’ll occasionally drop in on the Sea Star tours to talk with their fans.

“They’ll be working their regular vessels also, but we’ll be flying them up to Ketchikan to make guest appearances,” he said.

The Sea Star venture is the latest example of how the success of “Deadliest Catch” has reverberated throughout the Alaskan crab business. The Aleutian Ballad, a crab boat appearing on the current season of the show, is also running a tourism operation out of Ketchikan aimed at cruise ship passengers. Both the Northwestern and the Cornelia Marie now offer merchandise for sale on their websites. Hendricks said those products will also be among the offerings in the Sea Star’s onboard gift shop, which will also feature its own souvenirs.

The Sea Star is in Seattle now, but Hendricks hopes to sail it up to Ketchikan by May 20.

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11 Responses to Another update on F/V Sea Star’s conversion to Tourist Attraction

  1. Bill Compton says:

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  2. Michelle Larrabee says:

    I actually just got home from a vacation in Alaska and got a chance to stop in Ketchikan and get a very wonderful tour from Don Huggins, the engineer from the Sea Star. Visiting this vessel was the highlight of my whole vacation! Don and all the guys on the boat were so friendly and Don did not deny any autographs to anyone. He talked with us for such a long time sharing stories and experiences; he was such a great guy! I would definitely suggest this tour to anyone who is a big fan of the show like I am or even if you would just like a tour of a crab boat with some of the nicest guys.

  3. Glenn C. Ford says:

    Best show on television. Thanks all of you.

  4. Jim Jensen says:

    6/25/07 – We were stuck in traffic for two hours on I5 just North of Redding, CA when I spotted a familiar face. I approached the man who turned out to be Captain Larry Hendricks. We had a pleasant conversation about the Deadliest Catch show. Larry seemed to be somewhat in awe as to the popularity of the show. It was my pleasure to have met the man.
    Be safe, all of you!

  5. Deck Ape says:

    I happen to work on the Sea Star in Ketchikan. Our biggest goal is to make the people who come aboard feel welcome. We like to talk about crabbing and we enjoy answering all the questions that people ask. We give personal tours and have been making lots of friends from around the world. We are still fishing, we are just after less deadly catch now(-:

  6. Cynthia says:

    I can’t find info on the Sea Star tours other than an unfinished web site. Can anyone out there help me? My fam is cruising into Ketchikan September 13 and really want to visit!!

  7. Deck Ape says:

    Hi Cynthia,
    The Sea star is docked in Ketchikan at berth 3, Salmon Landing and has daily tours.There is a gift shop as well. We look forward to seeing you.

  8. Deck Ape says:

    We all enjoyed having you aboard. Thanks for the great write-up from all of us on the Sea Star and enjoy the rest of your summer. Mike

  9. Andrea says:

    I also think this is one of the best shows on t.v. Thanks to everybody who made it possible. Is there going to be a season four? About how much are the tours? Is there any more info on them that I could get?

  10. Deck Ape says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Yes, there will be a season 4. The tours are $22.00 for adults, $18.00 for seniors and $14.00 for children down to the age of 5. There is no time limit on the tours as we like to answer everyone’s questions. Don Huggins, our engineer and Kenny Hendricks(the old one), who were both on several of the shows, take you on a personal and up close walking tour of the Sea Star. We will be here till the end of September. Feel free to come and visit.
    See you soon,

  11. Alison Bower says:

    Hello ! My son (who is 4 years old) is completely smitten by Deadliest Catch. He knows all of the captain’s names, pretends to be Tony Larusa when he’s “crabbing” on the bed, and is so excited to hear that the Sea Star is in Seattle. We don’t know the times, though or when the boat will be leaving town.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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