Captain Sig Hansen Pulls ’em in

From The Chicago Tribune  .  More than 200 people turned out Tuesday night to have dinner with Capt. Sig Hansen, skipper of the F/V Northwestern, at Shaw’s Crab House in Schaumburg. Despite being postponed a week on relatively short notice, organizers told us, not one person cancelled reservations.

Fans know Capt. Sig from the Discovery Channel Show “The Deadliest Catch,” about the crab-fishing fleet and the dangers it faces in Alaska’s Bering Sea (check show times at High seas, vile weather and 24-hour work days make crab fishing one of the most dangerous businesses in the world. Hansen and his brothers, Norman and Edgar, own the F/V Northwestern, which fishes year-round. The brothers are fourth-generation fishermen whose great-grandfathers fished in Norway.

The crowd was adoring. Hansen was mobbed at every turn, besieged by requests for autographs and photo opportunities. While diners feasted on steamed crab legs and crab cakes, Hansen answered questions from the floor. Again and again, he praised his own crew and the other members of the fleet whose crews work just as hard as his own. He said that the Discovery Channel series had brought welcome understanding of the fishery’s complexities to the public, although the film crews always seemed to be in the way.

I was captivated by the gallantry of Hansen’s response to my question. “I respect the hard work you and your crew have done to bring us this food,” I said. “How best can I show that to you?” Said Hansen: “You’re doing it. By eating our crab, you’re doing it. We’re honored to be able to bring you the crab, and to see people appreciate it so much, well, it’s just overwhelming.”

The Hansens sell their catch to Trident Seafood of Seattle, which supplies crab to Shaw’s.

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9 Responses to Captain Sig Hansen Pulls ’em in

  1. I’d rather have dinner with Edgar and Matt. LOL. Although I do love Sig.
    I wonder how Sig’s wife and kids take all this adoration he gets?

  2. TERRY STONE says:


  3. opilia says:

    Hi Terry
    There’s actually soooo many people wanting to work for Sig and other Deadliest Catch skippers that the odds of it actually happening are near astronomical. That being said, you can read what Sig says about working in AK on his website here
    Other then that, I dont have his personal email address, but you can look thru his website and send a message thru there. Hope that helps.

  4. Kyle Teegarden says:

    I am a very big fan of the show, and until the first season of the deadliest catch, had no idea there were jobs out there that took so much out of you and then gave it back as a reward for your hardwork if you could survive it. I am one of many that i am sure would jump at the chance to come and attempt to work with the crew of the northwestern. That being said, i wonder how ironic all this seems to capt. sig and his brothers that now after all this exposer everybody and there brother wants to be a crab fisherman.

  5. Eric Dye says:

    I would really like to work on a crab boat. I dont know how to contact anyone about working on one though. It would be a dream to work for Sig Hansen, but i do understand that it would be hard to get a job on his boat. But ever since i saw the show, i know that crab fishing would be a great job for me.

  6. Rae Anne Gobin says:

    I would like to get ahold if Sig Hansen to see if could charter his boat to take my father out-who is terminally ill. Please contact me 360-716-4483. Rae Anne

  7. Rae Anne Gobin says:

    We live in the Seattle area, and if it were to meet Sig for lunch or on go on the boat, it was be a great moment for my father. Rae Anne 360- 716-4483

  8. john bruner says:

    i have watched plenty of shows about king crab fishing with sigs boat the northwestern in them i am sure its not as simple as it looks to work on a crab boat how ever i would like to give it a shot some day not just because of the money but to see if it is something i would like to do i like boats i like fishing i am only 30 years old so i still have plenty of juice in me

  9. john bruner says:

    i watch deadliest catch all the time i love it

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