Production Diary #5, From Doug Stanley

Discovery has posted Director of Photography Doug Stanley’s latest blog entry about his travels on the F/V Timebandit.  If you haven’t read his entries before, they are posted once a week to coincide with new episodes of Deadliest Catch season 3. 

As I dashed across the Time Bandit’s deck, horizontal sea-spray filled the air.  The nagging rain had stopped sometime while we slept. I noted this as I hurried to the forepeak (the storage space in the hull of the boat), with a cup of too-hot coffee spilling over and through my hand.  It happened to be dark, but that did not really matter.  After a six-hour run, we had arrived at our northernmost string of pots. Regardless of the actual time of day, “morning” had come to the Time Bandit.

Inside the forepeak, I quickly ran through my morning routine.  I hopped up on the end of a milk crate, to be eye level with the two video decks that constantly record the fixed microphones and fixed cameras that we place out on deck.  I changed the 276-minute tapes, and then labeled the shot tapes that I had ejected while the milk crate slid back and forth precariously on the greasy floor.  I also readied the hand-held camera that I use on the deck, checking the battery, changing the tape and cleaning the lens.  When not in use, my deck camera is tied to the wall in the forepeak.  To reduce the nasty lens-fogging problem, this particular camera has to remain in the cold.

Back in the wheelhouse, I hurried through my preparations with my wheelhouse hand-held camera. It is the camera I primarily use indoors.  After changing batteries, changing tape, cleaning the lens and knocking several salt crusties off the camera body, I pushed the record button and began to “roll.” I had made it this time. I had actually gotten everything going before the boys got up.  Two seconds later, the Time Bandit boys began to rise.  Two hours later, I was still rolling.  It was then that I remembered that somewhere I had set down a cup of coffee.

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One Response to Production Diary #5, From Doug Stanley

  1. Zaq W. says:


    The long hair was way different than your days at C-3D! Love the show and just happened to catch you on the “making of” show. Sitll in Nor Cal?


    Zaqary W.

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