Timebandits Will Be Timebandits: Production Diary #4

Discovery has posted the production diary #4 which coincides with the fourth episode of Deadliest Catch airing tonight.  The production diary is a chronological blog written by Doug Stanley the Director of Photography of Deadliest Catch. 

Aboard the Time Bandit, on a wall above the galley table, there is a framed watercolor of a derelict fishing boat, stranded on a beach in the Hillstrands’ home port of Homer, Alaska.  When I first noticed it, Andy told me that he and his brothers used to play on that very boat while their father was fishing in the Bering Sea.  When their father returned to port, all of the boys would greet him and run around on his deck. Watching their wild antics one day, their dad was reminded of a film called “The Time Bandits.”  The name stuck, and it is now painted on the bow and stern of their modern black schooner, representing both banner and bounty for the Hillstrands and their crew.

Unfortunately, this particular day was not a day of king-crab bounty.  Regardless of how hard the crew worked, or how fast the block would spin, the Time Bandit’s pots were coming up nearly blank.  There were sea snails and other odd creatures coming up in the pots. This indicated that the pots had just soaked for the last 24 hours sitting on top of bare rock, not in the dark mud the crabs prefer. Capt. Johnathan was in the wheelhouse yelling, “Snails? Snails?” The deckhands burst into laughter. As more and more of the large snails came up in each pot and dropped onto the sorting table, Russell, one of the deckhands, yelled out “Sounds like a bowling alley.” Only humor could keep a day like this going.

Fortunately for the crew, there was plenty to laugh at. Andy and I were standing together on deck between pots.  I had the camera up, and I was getting ready to ask him a question about how the crew manages to get through tough times when the fishing sucks.  At that precise moment a seagull slammed into the top of my head and flew straight into Andy’s face, feathers flying everywhere!  Andy started yelling, “We are being attacked by seagulls!” Then in a fit of silliness, Russell jumped up on the sorting table and Andy, in his white cowboy hat, lassoed him. Russell used his gloved fingers as horns. Deckhands Neil and Nate ran for some seal bombs, and one minute later there were smoking fish parts flying in all directions, coating my camera and lens.

Sure, the crab fishing might have been bad, but everyone was laughing and running around on deck anyway.  All of us were acting like a bunch of silly Time Bandits.  Later, after all of the fish guts and feathers had settled, I remembered that I never did ask Andy that question.

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2 Responses to Timebandits Will Be Timebandits: Production Diary #4

  1. billy O says:

    more hillstrands LESS hansens!!!!!!!

  2. opilia says:

    Hey billy O…if you can find me more media oriented info on the Hillstrands, send it my way and I’ll post it. I can only post what I can find. If it isn’t there, well then…

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