CASH COUNTS From Season One and Two

 If it appears odd, please remember that season 1 of Deadliest Catch was the last Derby-style season and what the fishing vessels brought in was all theirs.  Not so in season 2.  In season 2, IFQs (individual fishing quotas) applied and quota leasing as well, so the numbers in season 2 are larger but a  portion of the “leased” quota went back to a third party–the owner of the leased quota.    

Fishing Vessels                 Gross Earned                     Crew Pay

KING CRAB  Season 1

Lucky Lady                                   $113,711.00                             $ 8,000.00

Western Viking                             $149,584.00                            $ 6,000.00

Sea Star                                          $164,802.00                           $ 7,000.00

Saga                                                $187,896.00                            $ 8,000.00

Fierce Allegiance                          $271,121.00                            $10,000.00

Northwestern                               $363,188.00                           $16,000.00


Billikin                                            $213,000.00                          $10,700.00

Lady Alaska                                  $269,000.00                          $13,500.00

Retriever                                      $274,000.00                           $16,400.00

Maverick                                      $362,000.00                           $21,700.00

Northwestern                              $385,000.00                           $27,000.00

KING CRAB  Season 2

Maverick                                      $304,975.00                           $18,743.00

Rollo                                              $321,203.00                           $19,272.00

Timebandit                                  $424,576.00                           $21,234.00

Northwestern                              $700,000.00                         $47,000.00

CorneliaMarie                             $800,000.00                          $30,000.00


Timebandit                                 $215,000.00                            $12,000.00

Maverick                                     $234,000.00                           $10,500.00

Rollo                                             $370,000.00                           $21,000.00

CorneliaMarie                            $528,000.00                            $26,500.00

Northwestern                            $660,000.00                           $30,000.00

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4 Responses to CASH COUNTS From Season One and Two

  1. AllWeatherGal says:

    How was it that the Northernwestern’s take was $100K less than the CorneliaMarie, but the deckhand payout was significantly larger? Smaller crew? ??

  2. opilia says:

    I think you’re right. Northwestern’s crew is usually as small as what Sig Hansen can get it. I also dont know if all crab skippers necessarily pay the same. Remember, in season 1, the Northwestern had a greenhorn who earned a much smaller wage then full share deckhands, that alone left a little more for the rest.

  3. simon bourassa says:

    how do i do to become one of the deck hands on the northwestern boat

  4. Meghan Hause says:

    I recall that Sig posted something about this on Discovery forums that he got a higger price for their crab than Phil did. Plus Sig’s boat didn’t experince two back to back engine failures, which increases the coast of running the boat. Also in the Snow crab season, Sig had only four crew members running the boat at that time.

    Plus with Maverick getting smaller cut for the crew when compare to the Time Bandit, is the fact that the Maverick lost two of her pots at the a coast around S1,000 each.

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