Deadliest Catch Season 3 Crews and Fishing Vessels!

 from the Discovery site

So who are these men, and, this season, women, risking their lives for their livelihood? Meet the crews of the eight boats featured during Deadliest
Catch 3

Capt. Sig Hansen

Capt. Sig Hansen

Fishing Vessel: NORTHWESTERN
Sig Hansen revels in the strategy and competition of fishing. He has been a captain for the past 18 years, and is the eldest of the three brothers who operate the family-owned vessel. A fourth-generation Norwegian fisherman, Sig tends to be very superstitious. The Seattle, Wash., resident operates the Northwestern with help and unsolicited opinions from his younger brother, Deck Boss Edgar Hansen, and his more reserved brother, Deckhand Norman Hansen.Working alongside the Hansen brothers as deckhands are Nick Mavar Jr. and Matt Bradley, both of whom have been a part of the crew for several years.

Capt. Phil Harris

Capt. Phil Harris

Fishing Vessel: CORNELIA MARIE
This season marks Capt. Phil Harris’ 16th year with the Cornelia Marie and his 30th year in the crab-fishing industry. As a co-owner, Phil was responsible for making the Cornelia Marie one of the top-performing boats last season, despite some major mechanical difficulties.Phil, who resides in Seattle, will be joined this season by his two sons: Jake (who celebrated his 21st birthday while out at sea during king crab season) returns for his third year as a deckhand, this time earning full share. Taking his place on board as the greenhorn this year is his older brother Josh (23). This is Josh’s first season crab fishing on the Bering Sea, and Jake is eager to show him the ropes.

Joining the Harris clan is First Mate Roger Jensen, who has been Phil’s loyal and trusted deckhand since 1988; Deckhand Dave Millman, who is returning after suffering an injury last opilio season; and Engineer Mark Anderson, new to the Cornelia Marie this season.

Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand

Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand

Fishing Vessel: TIME BANDIT
Brothers Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand share the skippering duties on board their family-operated vessel, the Time Bandit. Designed by the Hillstrands’ father and custom-built by the brothers, the boat features luxuries unheard of on other crab boats, such as staterooms with queen-sized beds, a four-person sauna and a dishwasher.Johnathan is the captain during king crab season. He runs a tight ship and is not afraid to speak his mind. When he’s not embracing the elements at sea, the Homer, Alaska, resident enjoys a zest for life on the edge that includes riding a Harley that is rigged to rocket to 120 mph at the touch of a button.

Andy Hillstrand is skipper during opilio season and also runs the business side. During the off-season, Andy spends time at his ranch in Indiana, where he engages in his other passion — training horses.

The youngest of the brothers, Deckhand Neal Hillstrand is responsible for prepping the boat at the start of each season and serves as the cook. Deckhand Nathan Vandecoevering also returns to fish on the Time Bandit. New to the boat this year is Deckhand Russ Newberry, who brings with him nearly 20 years of crabbing experience.

Capt. Blake Painter

Capt. Blake Painter

Fishing Vessel: MAVERICK
Greenhorn Capt. Blake Painter takes the helm of the Maverick while husband-and-wife owners Rick and Donna Quashnick take off this year’s king crab season. Rick and Donna return to run the boat for opilio season.A second-generation fisherman from Astoria, Ore., Blake started fishing at the age of 3 and made his first professional fishing trip to Alaska when he was 13. Blake, now 26, has been fishing on the Maverick for the past six years.

Deckhands Mike and Marvin Johnson are Blake’s former roommates and long-time friends. The brothers are also second-generation fishermen who worked in the logging industry in Astoria prior to fishing the Bering Sea. They both credit Blake for getting them into the crab-fishing industry.

Greenhorn Ed Green played high school football with Capt. Blake. He has seven years of fishing experience and his captain’s license, and he spent several years skippering a charter boat but this is his first season on a crab boat. The crew’s most experienced fisherman by far is Deck Boss Scott Templin, who is entering his 18th year of crabbing. He has worked with Blake in the past on some of the Maverick’s partner boats, and fished last year with the Aleutian Ballad.

Capt. Keith Colburn

Capt. Keith Colburn

Fishing Vessel: THE WIZARD
Capt. Keith Colburn of Redmond, Wash., took a huge risk this year purchasing the Wizard, a World War II-era Navy ship that was converted into a fishing vessel in 1978 and is one of the largest vessels in the fleet at 155 feet in length. Keith wasn’t fishing when rationalization took effect last year, so unlike other boats in the fleet, he wasn’t assigned a quota of crab — forcing him to lease his entire catch and making the stakes that much higher.Joining Keith are his brother Monte, an experienced deckhand who takes over as skipper for the last half of opilio season; First Mate Gary Soper, a 20-year fishing veteran; and deckhands Art Peterson, Lenny Lakinoff, Crosby LeVeen and Nick Malar (who returns to fishing two years after surviving a car wreck that broke both his legs).

Capt. Greg Moncrief

Capt. Greg Moncrief

Fishing Vessel: FARWEST LEADER
Capt. Greg Moncrief is called “the natural” by many of his fellow fishermen because he is naturally gifted at finding crab. He’s a 20-year veteran of the fishing industry and has spent the last five years on the Farwest Leader. Greg resides in the Harbor Point area of Washington with his Norwegian-born wife Ragnhild and their two daughters. This season, Ragnhild is taking some time off from her full-time job as a travel agent to join the crew as a deckhand and cook.Joining the husband-and-wife team are Engineer Chris “Chilly” Anderson and deckhands John Mavar, who has been with the Farwest Leader for the past four years; Tico Tyson, a Seattle resident who has spent six of his eight years in the business crabbing on the Farwest Leader; and Ricky Lopez.
Capt. Jerry

Capt. Jerry “Corky” Tilley

Capt. Jerry “Corky” Tilley of West Port, Wash., began fishing professionally during the summers at the age of 12 and got on a crab boat when he was 16. He made his first trip to the Bering Sea right after high school and has been fishing ever since. As captain and part-owner of the Aleutian Ballad, Corky says this will be his last season at sea.But for now, Corky has a lot riding on his final season, including his daughter Nicole and son Matthew, who serve as deckhands. Twenty-six-year-old Nicole dropped out of beauty school to join the family’s fishing business, where she works hard to prove herself to the guys on deck. Matthew, the greenest deckhand on the Aleutian Ballad, has worked alongside Nicole on other fishing boats in the past, and the two have a good working relationship.

Joining the Tilley family for their final voyage together aboard the Aleutian Ballad are Engineer Brandon Krenz, Deckhand Allen “Kiwi” Brant and Deckhand Kenny McMahon.

Capt. Allen Oakley

Capt. Allen Oakley

Fishing Vessel: EARLY DAWN
Capt. Allen Oakley, an intense and focused man, has served on the Early Dawn for the majority of his 21-year career, and has skippered the boat for 15 of those years. Allen saw the Early Dawn for the first time when he took a summer off from college to become a fisherman and knew that “Someday, I had to get on that boat.” Little did he know that serving as a deckhand on the Early Dawn would lead to his partial ownership, as well as command, of the craft. Allen, who resides in Blaine, Wash., also owns partial shares in three other fishing boats.Accompanying Capt. Allen as a greenhorn is the co-owner’s son, Bryan Mezich. Standing 6’6″ tall, Bryan certainly has the size to become a skilled hand, and he postponed his college career to try the family business. Bryan will be mentored by 20-year veteran Pat Quinn, who has worked the past five years for Allen. Rounding out the crew are Engineer Mike Fish and Deck Boss Rick Fehs.
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23 Responses to Deadliest Catch Season 3 Crews and Fishing Vessels!

  1. GEORGE says:


  2. opilia says:

    I think so too George. I never ever get tired of it, not even when I watch the repeats!

  3. michelle irene says:

    Is Greg Moncrief the same guy who worked for Golden Age Fisheries in the late 80’s/early90’s? I seem to recall both of them as members of the crew of the F/V Michelle Irene. If this is the case, they have done very well and should be proud. Congratulations. It appears that hard work over the years has really paid off.

  4. wytammic says:

    I love this show — not to mention crab legs!

  5. David Dotson says:

    I am able to work for free and would loke to offer my services for the experience only! I will work as an added/extra hand and do not want or need to be paid. I have been able to do this in other jobs. The last job I was a scout and coach in the Canadian Football League. If you know of anyone looking for totally free help please forward my name and email. Thanx David

  6. SeAnDi says:

    I make myself known as who I am. I make who I am known as myself. I need to make money for my family and my children. I am physically able to do so. I have crabbing and fishing experience up to 32 foot seas w/ 40 knot winds. not much, I know. I can roll the roll and float the float. I like galley girls, thats my fault. sorry. make me an offer i will refuse…..then think about…..then accept…..i’m listening.



    What ever happened to the days that the docks got you work instead of the net?!!! I like the docks…..its real.

  7. lonnie hall says:

    big fan of the show but have to say i think i would
    have to work on the cornelia marie or the north-
    western they have the best crews and captains.
    would love to try fishin like that some day.

  8. Sharon Lynne says:

    Is Johnathan Hillstrand single? I think he’s hot! Just my kind of man, strong, manly, great laugh and some sensitivity! I’m willing to travel!

  9. dr_tomorrow says:

    I love the show. These are real people doing a real job. if I was 20 years younger I’d like to join ’em. Everyone is someone I’d like to hang with. Sig -your the man. BTW – nice voice-overs.

  10. Jim says:

    What happened to the Rollo? Will they be on the show again?

  11. darren (hull uk) says:

    i don,t know if you wil get this but i,ll send it anyway i am from a city called hull on the east coast of england which was once regarded as the greastest fishing port in the world,we like you have a great fishing tradition (mostly for fish) but fisherman are what they are fisherman whaterever the catch they are brave they are hard and they are a rare breed,the series is outstanding & the captains & and crews deserve all the credit they get , the loss of the big valley was heartbreaking we lost many ships &crews years ago but keep on going it’s a massive hit over here.

  12. Shirl Webster says:

    My favorite show on TV. My sons also share my opinion. Thanks

  13. Simone says:

    The show is fantastic.All the guys are great and just a little mad.Guess thats why i like it!!!! Blake doing just fine as captain. Plus best looking one in the fleet!

  14. Roger Jensen says:

    I fished aboard the Bountiful for 5 years in Alaska. Yes, the show floods my memories. Although, one should keep in mind that Hollywood has its influence here. There are now fishing quotas for each vessel as opposed to the “derby” style that we once enjoyed/endured. The excitement factor was tenfold during the “DERBY DAZE”. So was the danger. True, it still can be dangerous but not to the degree it once was. Most of us whocrab fished preferred that arena of derby fishing. There were, at times, that I couldn’t believe they paid me to crab fish! It was an adreneline junkey’s dream-job!

  15. Eli says:

    I love the show, my favorite captian is Jonathan of the Time Bandit. This show inspires me to try out fishing when I get older. I hope you guys keep catching crab.

  16. Linda AKA The Blonde Bomber says:

    Johnathan, I just want to say hello AND thank you for being the man you are, my son has been fishing for you for quite a while. Richard Gregoire, he has much respect for you and your operation, has always made real good money and most importantly, came home safely! I have to say you are a captain who tends to business and knows how to have a good time- but as far as most eligible, handsome and all that, Richard Gregoire is the one. Richard and the crew should be able to receive email from fans also, I live in Euerka, Ca and look forward to meeting you. Many prayers have gone out to you and your crew all these years, and will continue. We will be watching and sure would be nice to have one of your jackets, I believe all the think Mom’s deserve one. I will look for an e-mail from you. Lotsa Love, Linda

  17. ANN says:


  18. Bob Kantor says:

    Hello to all the Captain’s & Deckhand’s
    I enjoy the your hard working adventer, I love the big boat’s. I used to work on the boat’s here in Chicago, Illinois. But nothing like the work you guy’s do!! Your job is way hard, and I would like to at least try it at least once. But I guess I’ll never know how it is I guess. I maybe to old for it 47 year old, in good heath, and work hard worker. Well I wish each and one of you guy’s GOOD LUCK AND SAFE TRIP’S! I’m a truck drive and own my own semi.

  19. opilia says:

    Thanks Bob & everyone for the comments and for taking the time to read this blog. I know some of the Deadliest Catch fishermen read through here now and then, so your comments and well wishes aren’t in vain…they’ll appreciate it!

  20. Chris says:

    matthew dale is the father of my youngest sister!!!

  21. Terry Sayers says:

    I take my hat of to you guys in the bering sea!!! I am a creelfisherman working in the minch in the outer hebridies, and i thought we had it hard! how wrong was i, i would love 2 visit the bering sea for a trip,but its 2 far away for me being in scotland! thats my excuse anyway ha ha!! would love to hear back from a couragious crew member if poss!! gd luck on future seasons be safe and fill her up cheers.

  22. Roxanne says:

    I hate to ask this, but is there any truth in the rumours that the Northwestern has sunk ? My partner said he heard from a guy at his work who was watching the American News channels ?! I really hope it’s not true but i havn’t heard it on any other news channel and i had a look on the Northwestern web site and there was nothing on there either. Deos anyone have any information on this ? I would be very gratefull if you did as i really enjoy the show and i think the Hansen brothers are the best in the fleet.

  23. opilia says:

    Roxanne. From what I’ve heard, they’re fine. They just finished up with pot codfish and are now heading out for opilio crab. The Northwestern website, Coastguard, and Alaskan newspapers would have posted if anything at all were wrong. Glad you care!

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