Aleutian Islands Area Fishing Seasons

These are the Aleutian Island area fishing seasons according to the Unalaska/Dutch Harbor website. The International Port of Dutch Harbor is the number one fishing port in the United States.  Learn more about Unalaska and Dutch Harbor by clicking here. 

Bering Sea Aleutian Islands Fishing Seasons

SPECIES                                                                       Opening
Pacific Cod (Pot)’A’                                                        January 1
Pacific Cod Catcher Processor (Hook & Line) ‘A’      January 1
Pacific Cod Catcher Vessel (Hook & Line) ‘A’           January 1
Eastern Aleutians Baridi Tanner Crab                      January 15
Pollock AFA Inshore ‘A’                                              January 20
Pollock Catcher Processor ‘A’                                    January 20
Pollock Mothership ‘A’                                                January 20
Atka Mackeral Eastern ‘A’                                         January 20
Atka Mackeral Central ‘A’                                         January 20
Atka Mackeral Western ‘A’                                       January 20
Pacific Cod Catcher Processor (Trawl) ‘A’              January 20
Pacific Cod Catcher Vessel (Trawl) ‘A’                    January 20
Halibut IFQ                                                                 February 27
Sablefish IFQ                                                              February 27

Pacific Cod Catcher Processor (Trawl) ‘B’              April 1
Pacific Cod Catcher Vessel (Trawl) ‘B’                    April 1
Pacific Cod Catcher Processor (Hook & Line) ‘B’   April 15
Pacific Cod Catcher Vessel (Hook & Line) ‘B’         April 15
Pollock AFA Inshore ‘B’                                            June 10
Pollock Catcher Processor ‘B’                                   June 10
Pollock Mothership ‘B’                                              June 10
Pacific Cod Catcher Processor (Trawl) ‘C’              June 10
Pacific Cod Catcher Vessel (Trawl) ‘C’                    June 10
Gillnet Herring                                                           July 1
Cod / Bait Herring                                                     July 15
Aleutian Island Brown King Crab                           August 15
Atka Mackeral Eastern ‘B’                                       September 1
Atka Mackeral Central ‘B’                                       September 1
Atka Mackeral Western ‘B’                                     September 1
Pacific Cod (Pot) ‘B’                                                  September 1
Kodiak Red King Crab                                              October 15
Opilio Snow Crab                                                      October 15
Baridi Tanner Crab                                                  October 15
Bristol Bay Red King Crab                                       October 15
Pribilof Blue King Crab                                            October 15
St. Matthew Blue King Crab                                    October 15
Pribilof Red King Crab                                             October 15

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