…About Getting a Job on a Bering Sea Fishing Vessel

Many stories have been told about people who, with no trouble whatsoever, landed a job as a crew member in Alaska’s fishing industry on a highliner fishing boat and made tons of money. There are published materials for sale which boast of lucrative jobs in canneries and on fishing boats. The reality is, that for every success, there are many failures. A prospective crew member’s chance for a profitable season will be enhanced by careful assessment of job openings and close attention to details regarding any job offer.

During harvest seasons, prospective crew members must walk the fishing docks to follow up each word of mouth lead to speak with the skipper personally. The travel and waiting for such an opportunity can be costly, both physically and monetarily. Crew members rarely leave good jobs, so only a small percentage of hopefuls find their berth in this manner.

ADVISORY: Some of the reasons crew members leave should carry a warning to job seekers to proceed with caution. Commercial fishing is rated as one of the most hazardous occupations in America. Reputable boat operators rarely have serious mishaps, nor do they lose good crew members through misunderstandings. It is a good idea to find out why the departed crew member left. A vessel with numerous crew vacancies during the harvest season warrants investigation before new crew accept a job on it.

Minimum wage laws do not apply to crew member jobs in the industry. However, certain federal and state laws concerning hiring of persons under the age of 18 do apply.

Wages are often based on a share or percentage of harvest earnings. Newcomer deckhand earnings range from 1.5% to 10% of the adjusted gross catch, depending on location and type of fishery and the skills the worker possesses. Some vessels offer a daily rate from $50 to $100 instead of a percentage of the catch. Recent market conditions have caused some share rates to decline.

A crew member can be expected to purchase specialized apparel such as:

wet weather gear $100 per set
rubber boots $40 to $70 per pair
gloves $2 to $12 per pair
wrist covers or sleeves $5 per set
sleeping bag $70 to $200
The fishing vessel owner/operator should provide other specialized gear required by the Coast Guard, such as a survival suit. Make sure the vessel has a good safety reputation.

Crew members supply their own commercial fishing licenses. In 2000, commercial fishing license fees are $60 for a resident and $125 for a non-resident. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has a web site offering
crew license information and purchase:

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152 Responses to …About Getting a Job on a Bering Sea Fishing Vessel

  1. Nicholas M. Dyer says:

    Hey my name is Nicholas Dyer I’m 28 almost 29 in June. Im very healthy and strong and was interested in applying for job. thank you for your time please email me back. I want let u down.

  2. Michael S. says:

    Hello, my name is Michael S. I am 36 years old and i am a native of florida. I have spent many years fishing in the gulf of mexico starting at age 17. at age 25 i was the captian of one of the fleets long line fishing boats a 44 fter. I am very experianced at sea and I am a very hard worker looking for half share on a king crab fishing boat deakhand position . Thank you, my phone # (727) 565-7031

  3. opilia says:

    Hi Michael. Unfortunately I don’t have any connections on any crab vessels. I’ll keep posting on working in Alaska however, and maybe you’ll figure out something from what you read.

  4. James Brackett says:

    Hi my name is james and i love fishing and i was just wondering on how you can get a job on one of the deadliest catch vessels even with no expierence and how i apply for the job thanks so much

  5. Joey Piatt says:

    Hello my name is Joey and I am seeking employment in the fishing industry of Alaska. I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio and am able to work during the summer.

  6. Karl Ramsey says:

    I Would Love To Come On Board With Phil Harris And The Corneilia Marie!!!

  7. TERRY RAYMER says:

    hello i am 28 years of age i am a very hard worker i am interested in becomeing a deck had on a king crab boat i hope that some one can point me in the right direction thank you

  8. brett armstrong says:

    i will work my ass off for a chance to be blessed with a job and a family with a crew like any of you

  9. opilia says:

    You all are so great and brave to want to work in the Bering sea! Please check out my links about Alaska employment on my main page as that’s the only connections I have to offer…

  10. bill craswell says:

    i see you guys every week and i take my hat off to you guys and would like to be just like you guys not afraid of shit give me a chance i’ll do it for free just to say i’ve done it

  11. ben parker says:

    Hi i am a 22, student just out of university, have been fishing for many years, and would love the opportunity to work on one of the king crab boats, if you are interested in a strong, reliable deck hand, please contact me, i also have sailing qualifications and the knowledge of both the sea and navigation

    hope this interests you


  12. Jamison Parker says:

    I am a 22 year old part time student. I own a lawn and landscape business since I was 18 and I work a 40 hour a week job as well. Currently I work 80 hours a week and I love it. I have been into crabbing and fishing all my life and I am dying for a chance to come to Alaska and do it like a real man. So if your looking for a young energetic fairly intelligetn 22 year old Im your man you’d never be dissappointed with my work ethic

  13. Matthew Stone says:

    Hello, I am 22 years old and would love to come out and work as a deck hand. I am strong and very hard working. I will do anything to come along for the adventure and earn some good money.

  14. Wesley Reichardt says:

    whats up im wesley im 21 i was a greenhorn on the f/v Bountiful i have 2 seasons under my belt and do to some unfair treatment on my 2nd season i decide to leave the ship and i would like the chance to do it agian

  15. Matt says:

    My mate kicked me out of his house last night accusing me of being insane when I told him a lot of GreenHorns are students hoping to earn some quick cash.

    Mind you, I had previously said that I might have concidered it when I was younger (if I had known about it) so maybe he had a point!

  16. BIG WILL$$$$$ says:

    Man! Im tired of watching all the episodes on CABLE! Im ready to go! I think thats a great career as long as you practice safety!!! and listen to instruction. Because the SEA Is nothing to play with. When the Conditions is HIGH risk. Im 6″4 190 lbs Ambitious and Energetic ready to be apart of the deadliest job. raise in the Hood and I think its all Good. my Wife and kids thinks its a great idea. They Are my biggist suporters! We LOVE the show! Watch It all the time. Please let me explore my dream! CAPTAIN! I WONT LET YOU DOWN* THATS I NEED IS A LIFE CHANCE SO I COULD DO MY DANCE. PEACE……….

  17. glenn says:

    I was wanting to get a job on the vessel I have never been on a fishing boat but I can learn fast and would be a hard worker I’m use to not getting that much sleep so if gave me a chance you wouldn’t be disappointed hope you give me a chance thank you glenn

  18. Joseph Blanton says:

    Hello to whome this may concern, as you know my name is Joseph Blanton im 19 yr.’s old 20 in jan. Im one hell of a worker, i dont stop till the jobs done. I would love the chance to work aboard one of the boats on the sea.Im a really quick learner and i got alot of confedence in the work i do. if interested call at 1-[513]-752-3910 CALL ANYTIME Thank you very much

  19. Matt says:

    Here a job site I stumbled upon for Alaskan Crab fishing:


    It’s not my web site and I’ve never applied to them so I can’t vouch for it, or guarentee it’s the best way in, but it’s certainly a place to look if you actually want a job. (As with any job application don’t pay no money for registration or anything).

    Don’t blame me though if you change your mind mid-season!

    Good luck!

    Matt. (P.S. check out the link to my new web site I am developing – it works but I’m still making it better…)

  20. opilia says:

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to remind those interested in working in Alaska. Please use the links on the main page, in the sidebar to research work as many people start in the business working on processors…

  21. James Lewis says:

    Hello everyone, I am a 28 years old, Ilove the ocean and would love to become a member on a vessel. Ive been interested in the ocean all my life. I am very strong mentaly and physicaly. I work hard and dont give up. I hope to hear from someone, Iam anxious to get stated thank you for time.

  22. LESLIE DONE says:

    Hello my name is Les i would like the oppurtunty to fish the berring sea on a crab boat im am 23 years old i love fishing salmon in lake michigan and i love to fish rough seas i have been fishing a long time and i would like a new challange im a hard worker and i can learn fast and i never give up i always keep trying till i sucseed


  23. Colleen says:

    I just read two really good books by Spike Walker:
    “Working on the Edge” and “Coming Back Alive” I think it should be required reading for all future Greenhorns. They tell all about what it’s really like to work out in the Bering Sea and just how dangerous and unforgiving it can be. Like if the boat starts taking on water and you can’t find your survival suit. Yikes!! But a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. So good luck and stay safe!

  24. patrick brock says:

    Hi my name is Patrick i’m from england and interested in becoming a crew member on the deadliest catch.I have some experience in fishing and coming from an island obviously have good sea legs.I’m 25,6ft2inches tall and in great physical and mental strength.I believe i have what it takes to deliver the goods aboard one of your vessels.If you have any vacancies or oppurtunities please get in touch i would be most grateful for the chance and keen to earn back trust shown in me.thankyou for your time,yours hpefully,Patrick Brock.

  25. opilia says:

    Patrick, You’ll have to do some research to find work, they wont come looking for you. Try using the fishing vessel links I have on the main page such as the F/V Northwestern, F/V Timebandit, etc…They each have a little bit of info on finding work in Alaska. Alot of people start out working on processors handling seafood first, then make their way to fishing. Good luck!

  26. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    i want do job there and i wanna package of job and
    wat environment there

  27. Brian says:

    i have been interested in alaskan sea fishing as a career for some time now, i finaly sat down and googled it and found this. I am a six and a half foot 260 lbs guy that wont get washed overboard! lol. i love the ocean and cold weather. i live in california, and am very interested in getting a job as a meritime fisherman. any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

  28. Mahesh Bhimarao says:

    Hai my name is Mahesh from India. I am 20 years old. I am 5.5 feet 110 lbs. I am interested become a member of fishing vessel.

  29. Brian Cox says:

    My name is Brian … I’m 33 years old, 6ft4in and weigh 240lbs. I require almost no sleep. The job I work in now I only get a couple of hours of sleep a night. I know almost nothing about alaskan crabbing but have thrown a net over the side a few times. Let me know…Im crazy enough!

  30. so,wut are the chances i can actually work as a deckhand?32 yrs old from buffalo ny,done hard work as a tree cutter since i was 15,took boating lessons at 16,damn,been on the water since i was 2.its a dangerous occupation,but the money is great,so i heard.lived by the waters of lake erie my whole life,actually went walleye fishing when i was 13 with my best friend.The waters started churnin pretty good,we were bout a mile out on a row boat in early summer so the water was still cold,eventually the boat went down,being young,no life perservers,i held on to the boat.My best friend said he would try to swim for shore and never made it.he was found 100 feet from shore.I was picked up by a jet skier still holding on to the boat.so i understand the dangers that take place in the open waters,dont play w mother nature!but if anyone see this add,i want to work as a deckhand,im a good worker,weight 160,6 ft.able to work long hours,safe,and willing to learn.its march now,and i need to work damn it.any one need help?……

  31. john fleming says:

    im looking for a job on a fishing vessel Iam very intergetic and helthy i am currently imployed as a new holland and kubota service tech ican cook and clean dont mind what type work just to get there would be awesome. to feel the closeness of fishermen. family of 4 need something different to help with college before i get to old and wore out looking out for my family and thiers and hopfully yours THANKS JOHNFLEMING

  32. Michael Small says:

    Hi, My Name is Michael Small and i am 28 years old and would like to know how i could start getting my feet wet on a DEADLIEST CATCH VESSEL, i have been lobsterfishing and scolloping since i was 15, im a very hard working, and would love to have the challenge of the bearing sea. i am currently graduating Holland College with my unrestristed watchkeepers papers.
    If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it, and if i am in the right place, and i get an email back, i can send a resume, and a few recommondations aswell.
    thank you for your time, and i hope to hear back

  33. Abe Fehr says:

    Hey all, my hat is off for all of you tough guys on the boats, fishing in the cold waters where waves
    could cost you your life and who endure the pain of cold and hard work. I wish I could join you, looks like something I could do cuz i love the sea and fishing as well as hard work look me up if anyone is interested thanks

    Stayin tough always”hopefully”

  34. Randy Sudul says:

    Hi, my name is Randy I’m 27 years old. I’m currently working for a construction company in Atlanta, GA. I’m interested in getting additional information on how to apply for a available position as a deckhand. I’m a hard worker and fast learner. I work well with others as a team and make it a priority to learn as much as I can from the experienced people I work with. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to prove myself worthy.

    Please contact me at (404)401-7636. Thank you for your time.

    In regards,

    Randy Sudul

  35. sean m. eldridge says:

    my name is sean m. eldridge, 30 yrs old, i am ready to work, (505)360-4877

  36. opilia says:

    Anyone interested in working in Alaska should check out some of the links posted on the front of the blog. Deadliest Reports can’t get anyone jobs.

  37. Lindsay Brian Diengdoh says:

    My name is Lindsay and I am very interested in carb fishing.I am healthy & strong. I am cerfied advance diver with PADI. Please kindly mail me the details of how to go about.

  38. Nathan Dunn says:

    Hi, my name is Nathan and I want the chance to fish Alaskan waters. I have been a commercial fisherman here in Alabama all of my life. I know it is not like fishing there but at least I do have some experience with the aspect of it. IO just graduated from nursing school but have not yet found a job. I would love to know how I could get a job on a vessel in Alaska. I would probably go ahead and apply for my nursing license there as well. Oh, by the way, I am 30 yrs old, 6’4″, 215lbs and a very hard worker. Let me know something. . . Thanks Nathan

  39. marcus villanueva says:

    Hello, I would love to become a part of the crew. As my story goes i became unemployed due to the economy. I have been trying to keep me and my families head above the ground. Everyday is a challenge. I am in good shape, and my will is even stronger. I am also a team player, and will do everything in my power to help me and my team succeed.Me and my family are loyal viewers to the show. I would love to see the smiles on my two sons faces knowing that i am doing this for my family. All i ask is for a chance.

  40. Jon Pearson says:

    Hi, I’d like to work on a crab boat in the berring sea, I realise it is a dangerous occupation & very hard work, but it is something I really do want to not only experience but make a living at if I’m fortunate enough. I’m a hard worker & I do what I’m told, I also believe I’m in the best shape of my life right now. I just really want a chance to do this. Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated…………..Jon.

  41. Mark Fierro. says:

    My name is Mark Fierro,i would like some info on how to apply for employment to catch some crabs,i am currently a class a truck driver and i feel that i need something more challenging.plus the price of diesel is outrageous(owner operator)pleas feel me to contact me at my email address,,,thank you for your time.Mark Fierro…

  42. Matt Sheeler says:

    My name is Matt Sheeler,and I im extremely interested in fishing the bearing seas. I have worked on charters out of Newport,OR as a deckhand on 3 different vessels. I have done construction work for the last four years, so I im in great physical condition. I would love the chance to get out on the seas and fish.I im 22 yrs old,very motivated and energetic.I could give any of your deckhands a run for their money.Giving me a chance would not be a mistake.Hope to hear from you soon.I wont let you down. thank you.(541)401-4946.

    Matt Sheeler

  43. Martin Bernal says:

    Hi my name is Martin Bernal im 23 years old, Im interested in working out in the bering seas. I have work out of the Gluf of Mexico on a small crab boat. I’ve work on some deep fishing boats for two years.I’ve also work in construction for three years building New Orleans after Katrina passed by. Im very motivated and energetic i get long with other.So if you can please give me the to work out in the bering seas i promise not to let you down. Thank you for your time you can contact me at (956)825-8789.hope to here form you soon.

  44. Ron says:

    I talked with the crews from the time bandit (Capt Andy) and the C.M. Jake and Josh when they did there nascar tour in 2007.
    They were at the Dover race. I told them then I wasn’t interested in the money and that my share could go to the families of the fisherman lost at sea. I am 48 yrs old with over 30 yrs fishing the Atlantic. I am a certified welder/ Mechanical. This is my chance to do what few men have ever done. My company who I am a mechanical superintendent with supports my dream and I plan to be there this fall. Can you give me any help?

  45. Jason Whitney says:

    Hi, My name is Jason Whitney im 23 years old and im located in Florida. I was born in Maine so the cold weather does not bother me. I’ve been watching the show’s on discovery and I’m very interstead on learning more and hopefully getting a job working on one of the crab boats. I enjoy hard work and this job has alot of that and seems very exciting and dangerous which I would like to be part of asap. If anyone can help me get my foot in the door pls let me know asap i can be contacted at 352-553-6420

  46. christopher gorgodian says:

    hi my name is Christopher and i am 27 years old. i want to crab so bad. its always been a dream of mine to work on a boat like the time bandit. its what i need right now in my life. i would be great for the job. i love the ocean, get along with everyone, work my tail off. would love the opportunity. if anyone knows how to get a job on the time bandit or any other crabbing boat for that matter please let me know e mail hriz89@yahoo.com phone num 609-417-3062 thanks so much

  47. david villicana says:

    do u guys really read these things? if so let me know on this messenger thing p.s. the show is bad ass i give it a 100 out of 10

  48. behcet deluoglu says:

    im looking for a cleaning salmon or any sea food cleaning job plase call me 954 865 6740 thanks

  49. christopher wilson says:

    I have watched the show from the get go, and I believe I have it in me to do the deadly job of crab fishing. I am a very driven individual, and very strong and smart. I am 26 and have three kids. I want to give them a good life and want them to be proud of me and what i do. that is why i want to catch king crab with you guys. it would be the greatest accomplishment / sattisfaction. I am well rounded and I won’t let the crew down.

  50. Christian Dybberg says:

    Hello there, im a boy at 18 years from Bergen (Norway) And i love to see the Deadlyest Catch at Discovery Channel, an i think i wil try to be one like you, i think it should give me self respekt and start thinking to be proud og my self, so i think i wanna do all things to get a jobs on a crab boat 😉

    Phone numer: +47 40 60 66 76

    Christian Dybberg

  51. Pete williams says:

    Hi guys love the show, up-most respect for all.
    would like to get a bit myslf but not sure how, will keep looking.
    Any advice would be good.

  52. Dutch Chick says:


    For everyone looking for a job in Dutch. Get out here! I can almost gaurentee you that no one from any boats on the show, or any boats in Dutch reads this board. I wanted to work in Dutch when I saw the show too. I Sent letters, called people….guess what, BIG SURPRISE, I heard from no one. Then I bought a 1 way ticket on Penn Air, packed a 50 lb seabag, and showed up in Dutch. I had a job in 2 days. That’s how it works here in Alaska. You are just another resume, another phone number….untill you boots hit the docks. Show up guys! THAT is how you get the job. PS, it’s brown crab season already….better get here quick!

    Dutch Chick

  53. Sally says:

    Dutch Chick,

    Being a Southern California girl, I have absolutely no desire to go to Dutch other than to cheer for the guys as they leave port, and to wish them a prosperous, and safe return…which in fact…I would LOVE to do! As far as living there, I DON’T THINK SO! You’re advice is so sound. It would seem pretty obvious, if you want a job in Dutch, first show up in person, and then make it official!

  54. paul says:

    Well first off i have lived in northern Michigan my entire life so im used to the cold weather, I also have worked many labor intensive jobs at foundries and such, heavy labor is what we mainly did. I believe I could make a great addition to a crab boat, I would love to push my self to the limits to see what true hard work is all about, im 29 , 5’11” 220 lbs, and I can move and work as hard as I am needed to , please inform me as to if there are any positions , once again as I said I would love to push myself to see whats really out there thank you.

  55. andrei says:

    Hy, my name is Andrei i`m from romania and i would like to work on the bering sea ….. How can i get a job crab fishing ??
    I`m 20 year`s old

  56. Sally says:

    Hi Paul,

    Did you read the blog from Dutch Chick? Lake Superior claimed the lives of several men on the Edmund Fitzgerald. However, the Bering Sea, and Lake
    Superior…NO CONTEST! You need to prove your worth.

  57. Willie Woodruff says:

    My Name is Willie, im 22 from Boston and have been fishing since age three. I am looking for a job on the Bering Sea. Very experienced and hard worker. 781-291-1304

  58. Marciano says:

    Hello, my name is Marciano. Im from micronesia and I’ve been fishing in south pacific for almost 20 years now. Im a speed boat driver on MV/Mathawmarfach. my duties or responsibility is to push the fish or chasse the fish back into the net.I would like to work on any vessels bering sea…….Im looking for a job on the bering sea. Very experienced and hard worker. I’ve been exposed to the weather of cold and snow so no problem. Im looking forward for your respond or reply from you.

  59. gordon henderson says:

    18 years experience on potters crewing and skippering on up to fifty foot potters around channel islands and north sea.
    crabbing whelking longlines netting . all usual skills incl splicing, mending, some welding,engineering skills.
    used to fishing in all weather. previously done sea survival , fire fighting and first aid courses.can update if necc.genuine. not glory hunter. know from experience how hard this profession is. any room on board for a hard worker?

  60. Hi my name is Taylor.I’ve worked labor most of my life in the north east, and feel i need a change. So i thought I should try to get into something that would keep my interest. I’m 22 years old, no health problems, and can already stay up for days. Although I’ve never been at sea i think i would be an easy adjustment for me. If at all interested please contact me at 814 213 0110

  61. george wood says:

    hello, my name is george. am 45 years l work for second captain in spain for 9 years, at the same time am bosman for fishing vessel for 10 years.all interested please contact me, for second o third officer.0034696491749–0034987750947

  62. Gustavo Encarnação says:

    I´m a former Portuguese Navy Marine, international truckdriver in europe and civil engeneer, 38 years old. I´m interested in fishing kingcrab on board any vessel available. Tel: 00351969408588

  63. Tim Tuggle says:

    Hi My name is Tim Tuggle. I have worked in the oil fields, and work my way up to the top. That is from hard working. If I can do that kind of work, then give me a chance there. Failure is not an option, and quiting is not an option. I’m at that age I don’t want younger guy’s to out do me, but how ever, being safe and working hard is what I know best. Hope to hear from you…209-747-6588

  64. Joshua Montague says:

    Hi my name is Josh, I am currently working the rigs in Ab, Canada… But I want to work alot harder and learn new things. I am extremely dedicated, and I have various certificates which will be an asset to your company. If you do have any job openings please contact me by email, or my house phone number. Thank you for your time. 780- 815- 4367

  65. Ricky Foster says:

    I am 20 years old living in grande cache alberta however i do have experience with atlantic crab and offloading boats from Newfoundland. I am physically fit and CWB Certified in flat, vertical and horizontal weld positions. My father and uncles were all fishermen and I now wish to get a taste of the Pacific. You may reach me at 780-827-5200

  66. matthewregal says:

    im a very hard dedicated person willing to take on harsh and tough tasks contruction by trade cant spell but can work honest and willing call if interested 315 625 4928

  67. Allen says:

    Im 28, show rocks, but im sure the actual work sucks ass. Put me down for a shot please n thank ya.

  68. David Spears says:

    HII,, im David Spears age 18 of a small fishing town located in Port Hood Cape breton, Nova scotia Canada. I have been fishing lobster, crab, ad groundfish since i was 11 years old. I just finished up the lobster season as deckhand and am looking to travel to alaska to be a deckhand aboard an alaskan king crab highliner. Please email me.tahnks, david_spears14@hotmail.com

  69. Betty says:

    Hi there I`m a 46 year old lady who just watched your DVD about fishing and would like to say that I would love to have the chance to spend some time on one of the boats watching these hard men at work. Ive always loved fishing and cannot imagine doing the work that they do.Ive always wanted to go aboard a fishing boat since I was younger but never had the chance.

  70. Wisdom says:

    Everyone who is posting on this board should read Dutch Chick’s post, no.52 on this column, she is spot on. I have worked in Alaska the past two summer’s on a 32ft gillnet boat fishing for salmon out of Naknek in the Bristol Bay area. We offload our catch to a number of boats who are are seen on the Deadliest Catch including the Cornelia Marie, Time Bandit, Rollo, Northwestern, Farwest Leader among a few others. Many life long Alaskan fisherman whose career is fishing find the TV show to be very ‘Hollywood’ and doesn’t do justice to the monotonous long grey hours spent on the Bering. I don’t want to dash anyone’s hopes but you’re not likely to get a job by posting on this site. I would recommend checking out Alaskajobfinder.com, it costs some $ to sign up but it is legitimate, I got my 1st job through this site, my other jobs I got through being up in Alaska and inquiring about job opportunities ‘dock stomping.’ My adivce to you potential job seekers is to do your research to find about when fishing seasons start, subscribe to alaskajobfinder.com, and if you have the means get a plane ticket to Seattle, WA or Kodiak, AK. These are two main sites where fisherman are hired from. You could go to Dutch Harbor but FYI plane tickets to there from Anchorage, AK are about $800, ONE WAY. Follow my advice and remember captains and employers are probably not reading your post’s on here, good luck and godspeed.

  71. opilia says:

    Thanks that’s great advice for would-be Alaska fishermen.

  72. Ville Puttonen says:

    Hi! I’m 19-year-old student from Finland. I’m looking for a job from fishing vessel in somewhere middle- or north-Norway. I don’t have former experience from working at sea, but I am in a good physical shape and I don’t fear dirty work. I’m used to handle fishes and crabs. My english is good and I understand swedish, but I don’t speak it very well. I need work for 4 to 7 weeks, somewhere between week 24 to week 30. Please contact me.

    Ville Puttonen

  73. chris weber says:

    my name is chris and i watch the show all the time and im 21 young and a hard worker and was wondering if i would be able to give it a shot my email is towman82406@yahoo.com or my cell number is 651-399-8322

  74. Julia says:

    Im a girl, im as strong as a man and I will be working in the Bearing Sea. You can expect to see me in alaska one day. You need me on your boat, im unique and the best person for you. Hire Me.

  75. Richard Pilon says:

    Hi my name is Richard Pilon.. I am 22 years old and i would love to be able to dedicate myself to this kind of job. im a very hard and deturmind worker. i live in north bay ontario and this would b something i would really love to try..

  76. Shon Hoffman says:

    I am looking for a career and also trying to challenge myself and i think that this would be the perfect job that would do exactly that. I have a family that needs me and i cant let them down. I know i will like the job but at the same time i know i will also hate this job and thats where the challenge comes in. I am 24 years old I live and grew up in cape coral florida and have never seen snow but i am a very strong willed person and can do anything i set my mind to. I look foward to hearing back from you thanks.

    Shon Hoffman

  77. mark pitman says:

    i work on the oil rigs in alberta canada. ive been fishing for lobster on the east coast in the past im looking for a career change and hoping someone out there will give me a chance im 27 years old in shape hard worker. well theres not much more to write so i hope to here back from someone thanks.

  78. Mike Sandlin says:

    My name is Mike and I just wanted to say That I watch the show all the time (Deadliest Catch)and I personally think it,s all hype.Im telling you Ive done tougher work than that just looking for a job!Don’t get me wrong I love the show,However I really HONESTLY think a good hard days work would kill most of those guys.Im 46 years old and could do it in my sleep.Them guys never seen hard work.Try geting inside the back of a concrete truck thats stoped working while full of concrete and the concrete has dried.Take your little 90 lb jackhammer inside (98 degrees outside) and go to work!Thats hard work! Crab fishing would be a total enjoyment to me no doubt.Dangerous- maybe.Hard work-No way.Absoulty nothing on that boat a 15 year old could not do with a very little instruction………Mike Sandlin,PO box 91 Laurinburg,N.C. 28353

  79. August Nielsen 111 says:

    Im good at doing what im told, and i only make one mistake and never repeated. im healthy, 27 yrs old and i know i can keep up so i ask for a chance to be apart of your family. im more than a chance, im a asset

    your worker and friend,

    August Nielsen 111

  80. i work on 3.4 oceans boats in long beeach…. i live in chino california n wanna go n workk in alaska im 20 years old n have nothin good 4 me n i got wat it takes to do betttter then the greeen hornes that u got workinn on ure boat lik thewizard

  81. Tom Russella says:

    Ah just looking for any vessel work at all. Over here in Jersey, willing to learn anything I dont know, Bust my ass as harder than the hardest worker you know. Probably wont ever hear from no’one on here, but just another vessel job post of mine to throw online.

  82. Raymond M moischon says:

    I am 24 year old Army Iraq Vet was gunner in iraq saw some stuff want new adveture with just as crazy of a bunch i served with

  83. Danielle Humphreys says:

    I am still at school but once i have finsihed and finished college i would like to move to america and work on one of the boats catching crab in the bearing sea.
    i was wondering how i could get one and the things i need to know/get to be able to come and live in america aswell as working on one of the boats.
    Do you accept women and do i need to be an american citerzen and is it true that that i have to be in america for six months then have to come back to england. and how do i get a american work visa to work .

  84. Leonard A. Wilcox says:


  85. richard jobbins says:

    hi my name is richard i am interested in working on a crab fishing boat. please give me a chance . i am a hard worker and a fast learner please e mail me with any possible leads chasinaintez@yahoo.com

  86. alex murphy says:

    “Just give me the damn job and i’ll show you what i can do!”

  87. noel edwards says:

    im fresh out of iraq and im looking for a real mans job.if any body needs a hard working determined never give up kind of a guy please give me a chance.my phone#is 423-228-2070.ive worked on water for 8 years.

  88. Brian Budzynski says:

    Im not looking for an easy job. im looking for adventure and sleepless nights. i too am an iraqi war vet. im not gonna bore you with why i should be chosen for a job. i dont care if im on tv or not. i am 23 years old willing and able to learn anything you throw my way. if you want to catch me my number is (231) 350-0937. i have no ties holdin me back wich means 0 drama. i am very interested in work. Good Investment

  89. carl cameron says:

    my name is carl from ireland.im 29 yrs old and im a hard worker,iv been working in construction all my life and am looking to try something new.thanks

  90. josh cain says:

    im 26yrs old and i;ll get out there try to keep everyone safe and work and get the job done with no bitchen hope to here from ya 618-335-2185 josh

  91. Justin McGinness says:

    Hi my name is Justin McGinness I am 22yrs old I got expirence on the ocean I have been working on my dads boat off and on since I was 10, have expirence dungeness crab fishing out of coosbay oregon, I am a extreamly hard worker and I would love to come chop bait or anything that I am asked. I am very willing to learn, I know I would be a great opillio and king crab fisherman if trained. so please call me at 541-260-7070 or my father at 541-297-2681

  92. bluemoon says:

    you people are crazy! don’t post your personal telephone numbers here! this is just a site to give YOU information, not the other way around. read a little!!!!!!!

  93. Danny says:

    just want to know the best time to come to the dutch. I think it would be awesome to do this and i guess. I recently got out of the military in january and have wanted to do this for the longest time . thanks.

  94. Ryan says:

    My name is Ryan I am 27 , 6’1 200lbs and in good shape. I have been interested in boats and fishing my whole life. Great work ethic and ready for sleepless nights and extensive labor. I wont let you down if chosen. Thank you for your time (403) 921-4002

  95. fabian de jonge says:

    Goodday, as many before I also would like to have an experience on an alaskan fishing vessel.
    Im 33 years old and captain on a dutch coaster. Im also capable in running an engineroom.
    I’m fit and used to heavy rolling vessels with long hard hours of work.
    Hope someone reads this and replies.

  96. Ricky Membreve says:

    My name is Ricky I am 22 years of age 5’11 and 185 lbs in real good shape, im interested on taking a hard job as to catch crabs, being in the cold, and sleepless nights im a very hard worker currently living in seattle if any of you crews are interested give me a call 206 349 4845…………….. hope to here from guys…

  97. Mike Haglund says:

    I am a 22 year old from New York I am interested in fidhing for King crab in Alaska. I am 6’7″ 260lbs and a hard worker willing to do anything to get a job like this. If interested please contact me at 716-640-9107 thanks.

  98. Justin Lanctot says:

    Im a 19 year old male full of energy and looking to apply for a job

  99. donald lobb says:

    Hello i live in florida know but i am a extremely hardworking person that wants too have a life long career in the alaskan fishing industry.I have worked on barges on the ohio river.I have even lost a loved one doing so.rip.This would be a opportunity and a honer to me and my family if you would give me a chance.like i said i live in florida and the economy is quit bad.i have recently thought of doing mma mixed Marshal fights.but that only last so long.I am in great shape and health and would love to have the chance to prove myself.actually if you do take advantage of me working for you than you are loosing out.Not bullshit guaranteed. thank you donald lobb.

  100. Bob Prokop says:

    My name is Bobby Prokop. I am 5’10, 200lbs, and a Union Iron Worker. I would love to have a chance on one of your boats. I am a hard worker and am willing to go the extra mile. I would be an excellent crew member.

  101. Jason Nelson says:

    I worked on crewboats,utility boats and supply boats in the gulf of mexico.Ive been in 22ft seas evacuating people off an oilrig 110 miles out in a class 3 hurricane.Ive worked as deck foreman,deckhand,engineer and ive rode out plenty of rough weather.I earned my sealegs along time ago,Im not one of these new cocks looking for adventure and fame I can care less,I know the dangers involved with the job.The past 10 years Ive been driving bridge pile off of barges and I would like to add that this is rated the #1 most dangerous job and not crab fishing so chill out!Its up there and in my opinion their both very dangerous.Ive made big money and this is my business doing whatever it takes to get the job done and being safe about it in the process.Im not trying to portray an attitude here but I feel I should state the facts.I am willing to start off in an entry level position and with hard work I expect to promoted quickly so I can get a bigger cut.I am experienced in both cat and detroit engines,I can weld and know how to secure and throw lines.I can throw a polypropelene 3inch line from ship to shore and hit the bit at 50 ft in rough seas.Im looking for immediate employment and know if I was working with a good crew we could make alot of money.Im used to long hours with no sleep in all types of different weather conditions.Now lets make some money! 772-918-8802 Jason nelson Sebastian,fl

  102. brad says:

    Im not looking for an easy job. im looking for adventure and sleepless nights. im not gonna bore you with why i should be chosen for a job. i dont care if im on tv or not. i am 19 years old willing and able to learn anything you throw my way. been workin hard and solidly for 5 years on workin 15 to 16 hour days. i know my way around hydraulics aswel.

  103. mark potter says:

    hi; my name is ‘little mark’. i spent 16 years fishing and crabbing in the bearing; ya i have the scars, nightmares and the grief of lossing my friends up there, would i do it again, yes, it wasnt about the money it was about haulling gear and the fact that i got off on it. it is not for everybody, a person will find out what they are made of physically, mentaly and emotionally. oh, and if you spend too much time on those boats you will find onesself disasociated from living on land around so many people. if you want to find out who, and what you are then grow some and just do it, but remember, the only thing that comes close is live combat; choose wisely, it could cost you your life. HAUL GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. land sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  104. I would very much like to expierience work offland and do my best at it. I read the stories of those that have worked in the industry and they all explained the risks and danger of this work and I would very much like to be like them and have my own story to tell.
    This is work I always wanted to do for as long as I could remember. It would be a privilage to be out there on the bearing sea to do my best at this work.

  105. tony foster says:

    hay yall my name is tony foster from webster springs west virgina,im a big time fishermen,ive seen ur show a few times good show, looks like a mans job,fun,well lets cut to the chase yall need to quit hiring SISSYS,LIL GIRLS.if u are looking for someone to benifit ur vessel and im a asset to have ……………………big asset……..try me and find out u`ll see

  106. Hi my name is Vincent Calamia im very interiested in the deadliest catch im only tweenty three weigh only 186 pounds very strong get along with just about anybody if you could get back to me that would be great if not it was nice leaving this meassage you guy s are the shit have a good day her from you soon .


    hi iam 22 yrs old and have completed my cadet ship in a bulk carrier. i have got all my necessary STCW and GMDSS certificates. i would like to work for you. iam an INDIAN national.
    i think giving me an opportunity is a good offer in your side.

  108. scott craig says:

    Hi ? I’m scott craig of Fairmont, mn. I’m ready to give crab fishing a shot and i know i got the ambition and endurance to do it. Never done it before but i’ll not let you down. Hopefully this gets looked at by one of the Captains and email me back. 507-848-5868 call and i’ll get my license right away and got all the gear.

  109. kevin edenshaw says:

    hi my name is kevin edenshaw.i am from victoria bc canada.i grew up on the queen charlotte islands here in canada.i am of haida ancestery.i have been an ironworker for 18 years,but i have done some crab fishing in bellingham as well as the queen charlotte islands.being an ironworker is very physically demanding so i know i can handle the physical part of the job no problem.the hours may take some getting used to but hey whatever.i guess im ready for a change and i would like to be a crab fisherman on the bering sea.im too damn stubborn to quit,therefore i have never quit anything in my life.i am in excellent shape and i am very durable.i can work whatevere hours you got lol.given the opportunityi will make whatever boat i work on proud.just gimme a chance.i know what its like to work on a boat for long periods of time and i can get along with anyone.i want this so gimme a chance please.thank you very much.

  110. sambo here again im still trying to get in touch with some one about a job .i can make a really good deck hand .does what he told told to hard worker ,dependable like to find a boat that needs a good hand fast past ,hardworker.i also can cook like a sum##### but thats another chance to show to you wahst i can do on the boat and un loading the crab the most fun part for me all i need is one chance plz.heres mo contact number .#662-750-1958 call anytime.my email site.#samuel.31hopkins yahoo.com .all i need is just one chance to show yall what im a about and a good n hardworker.

  111. Travis Howard says:

    Hello my name is Travis Howard and im from Owings Mills,MD.I’m a big fan of The Deadliest Catch and considering a career change.I’m unemployed looking for work day to day.Nothing isnt going right for me so I was wondering if you could consider me on one of your boats for a job.Im a hard working,do what I’m told to do and I never give up on anything.I dont have any fishing expierence but can learn quickly.

    This would be a good expierence for me to learn how to become a successful Crab fisher.Please look over this and consider me for one of those jobs.I WONT LET YOU GUYS DOWN!!!!!!Thanks for reading.

    Email is lebronjames237@yahoo.com. Phone #443-870-3091 Cell#443-473-3928

  112. John says:

    Bloody hell some people who have posted on this are dumb. “Hi my names John boy id love to work of your c*ck, i mean ship, sorry” get a grip people!!! Yeh its a great programme but jeez, be realistic people.

  113. Ben Cabal says:

    I commercial fished Halibut back inthe 80’s on F/V Eskimo Princess, Skipper Tom Mittenen,
    he’s passed away now, top 3 halibut boat back in the day.

    I surfed the Bering Sea & Pacific side. I was a full share crew member.

    Crab fishing looks like FUN, I know my knots and a very hard worker. Would love to contribute my knowledge and strength to the crew.

    I think we shoulkd do an episode on Halibut fishing in Alaska (Commercial) If you are interested, I was the fastest dresser (cleaning & gutting Halibut in Kodiak) I could set gear, haul gear, I was the Bad Ass roller man! I could send photos if you like. I wish we had video cameras back in the day.

    Ben Cabal
    925 565-4636

  114. vance james jr says:

    real quick my name is vance d jamnes jr from boston ma sailed on the spirt of mass for 1 year as a student i am 30 years of age clean bill of health an i kno i got what it takes to be on a successful with a crew that put there heart into what they do an love for a living

  115. Victor says:

    My name is Victor Peppard and im 34 ill be 35 in oct. i love to fish and love to be on boats. Im looking for a job upon one of your boats. I fished all most all my life and listen very well so if your interested please call me any time 603-772-2758. thank you and hope to hear from you ..

  116. chris macomber says:

    I am interested n working on a crab boat in Alaska…currently I am working in the Union putting in gas pipeline…I am used to working 15+ hours a day, 7 days a week and am used to VERY hard labor…I am dependable and a hard worker and would LOVE the chance to make alot of money…after all, that’s the name of the game…I am currently making 1500 dollars a week and want to make even more if possible. Thank you and please e-mail me back!!!!

  117. benn around the ocean all my life worked on long lined boats shrimp boats worked on banned boats the reason why wont to work need a job to pay my child support 910 842-5095

  118. Sheena says:

    hey my name is sheena and im a 20yr aussie,

    i was wondering do women ever get the chance to work on a deadliest catch boat or others that are close to that extreme?
    i love the fierce nature of the ocean and i would love to be given the opportunity to work in extremes like they all do and show people that im sure if given a good chance women could do the job just as well.

    my email is babygirl_2205@hotmail.com if nebody has any links to people or websites with more info on getting a job 🙂


  119. Roy Locke Jr says:

    i am 21 i am a very hard worker i am tired of living check to check! i know the job may be very diffrent than other jobs but i am willing to try new things! So if u would contact me that would be a blessing

  120. James Bolton says:

    i have just done 4 years in the amred forces very strong person and reli want to join a team and get out and prove to u all i can to this please get back to my and let me prove to all i can do it iam 20 and 21 in sept life in england can easyly get a flight out over there

  121. Matthew T. Nash says:

    Looking for a job on a crab boat in the Bering Sea. Grew up fishing the Atlantic and Pacific. As well as serving in theUSCG on Lake Michigan. Thank you in advance. Matthew T. Nash

  122. ace simmons says:

    I have worked on a farm since I was 7 years old planting/cropping rice fields. I am now 34 and am a plumber in Texas for the last 16 years and currently own my own plumbing company. I work harder than any person I know. I am very mechanically inclined and know more about life than most. I know what it takes to be successful and I know how to get along with others…. I don’t tolerate whining, crying or bullshit. I am here to work, the same as you. I would like a chance to come out and work my ass off on one of your vessels. I am out to succeed in life and try new avenues. This is one I really want to do. I know it’s hard work. I will be sacrificing a lot. I have 4 daughters and a wife but we both agree this could be life changing. Work never killed anybody. Parents didn’t raise their children right to know how to work is what has made everyone what they are now. I am willing to give what I have now because of the economy to come and work for you guys. I really want to do it. I want to feel that Bering Sea. My phone # 469-247-2754 email: acesimmons@rocketmail.com I’m hungry….I want this! I want to make sure my family is taken care of. life or death please call.

  123. Micheal Randall says:

    hay my name is mike and i am from new zealand, I am 20 years old and i have been fishing for 3 years, i have been long lining down Antarctica and trawling around maquari islands and chatham islands, i am keen to give crabing a go and push myself to the limits

  124. tracy poole says:

    would like a job im a hard worker and can do anything will learn anything quick learner please email of anything

  125. Jacob laupoini says:

    Hi name is Jacob I’m 21 years old I currently live in Australia looking new challenge .I’m healthy and strong thanks please get back to me .

  126. kimo.e says:

    hey names kimo, im from australia and really interested about deadliest catch just wondering how i would b able to get on board with you guys and just push my self to the limits and to extreme and to see what its like i heard about the pay!! this kinda job..
    im in..well you gotta work hard and safely and the way i work ”safety” its a priority!!
    im 23,115kgs,6ft5 and pumped!!
    so whats the first step to get on????

  127. ROB KERWIN says:


  128. Randall Gibson says:

    Hi my name is Randall ….i am one of yalls biggest fans would love to watch yall on tv.. but would love to get in on the action and make some money i have worked on drilling rigs its not the same but i know the danger of the job…just take me into considuration…thanks

  129. jonathan norton says:

    i have always lived in NC i do tree removal and hurricane work it is rigorous work , working 2-3-days at a time strait throughin fallen dedris and falling it before it does fall,we also do winter storms,climbing and cutting trees with ice build up on them,i think i could live up to your expectations if given that chance thanks jon norton ph 828-678-9218

  130. Matt Foster says:

    Howdy, my name is Matt Foster im 36 years old and have worked on boats as a enineer for the past five years my last job was on board the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SEA LION. I am in the best shape of my life and know what hard work is all about!! I can cook, clean and i have stood watch on the bridge. I would love an opertunity to prove myself!! thanks Matt

  131. Christopher Burgess says:

    Hi my name is Christopher Burgess and i live on Grand Manan NB and i am trying to apply for a job on the Alaskia Cabbe Vessel

  132. Spencer Rumph says:

    I am 29 years of age in excellent condition. 6’1 210 lbs. I am use to labor and have always wanted to work on a crab vessel my entire life. Yep, I have college degrees, but I don’t want an office position from 9-5. I use to run the 5k and 10k relay, 25 lbs ago, however, even though with a heavier set, I can work around the clock. If you are interested in hiring, shoot me an email at the posted address. Or if it did not post, spencer_rumph@hotmail.com

  133. hipa fouvale says:

    hey names hipa fouvale, im from american samoa and really interested about deadliest catch just wondering how i would b able to get on board with you guys and just push my self to the limits and to extreme and to see what its like i heard about the pay!! this kinda job..
    im in..well you gotta work hard and safely and the way i work ”safety” its a priority!!
    im 20,195 pound im 6foot tall.

  134. michael hatfield says:

    hi my name is michael i been interisted in being on the crab bota and stuff for a long time when u read this plz tell me how i can i whould love to be out there with u and i am 18
    and u can txted me at 6142024805

  135. justin payan says:

    I currently work as chemical operator for a chem ops plant I work 12 hr shifts 3days onn 2 daqys off 2 days on 3days off andi think i have what it takes plz email me or call if spots open up 310 424 8636

  136. Carmen McPherson says:

    I wonder if anyone out there would have any info on a Crabbing boat named Christian Gale whose skipper was named Brian Walker and the owner was named Bruce Joyce whose wife was named Joyce Joyce…Any info would be so appreciated…Thank-you in advance…Carmen McPherson

  137. Carmen McPherson says:

    Any info would be greatly appreciated…Thank-you

  138. opilia says:

    Brian Walker and Bruce Joyce are current permit holders–I ran into their names but didnt find a fishing vessel by that name…

  139. Bryan says:

    My name is Bryan Willis I am 21 and live in Michigan, I have been fishing sence i was old enought to hold a fishing pole. I also know how cold it can get in the winter and can do good in that kind of weather. I am tryin to join the National Guard also and i have 2 little oes that I am try to raise with one pay check from Burger King. I would love chance at king crab fishing, if u r interested here is my cell number. (989-302-7079) Thank You.

  140. george maxim says:

    hello, my name is george, im from mpls mn and work as a courier for fedex. im 41 years old. im interested in working in the alaskin fishing industry abord a fishing vessel. im believe im strong enough to handle it and i learn quickly. im not afraid to work hard as i know i will. i believe you wouldnt regret hiring me as a worker. thank you for taking the time to read this, and best of luck in your next season


  142. mark harris mendelman says:

    im a 42 year old in top shape.ive been a plumber for 15 years and worked as a fireplace tech for 5.am use to picking up heavy objects and have worked through ice storms and below freezing weather.can stay up for 2-4 days at a time.would really like to work on a boat and feel i can handle the pressure….give me a shot and i wont let you down..thank you…mark harris mendelman

  143. robert perkins says:

    i was wondering on how to get a job on a king crab boat if ur looking for a good hand let me know im 26 from west texas

  144. Justin Girard says:

    I want to know how i can get information on getting on a crab boat for a couple months.I live in Canada,so cold weather is no issue.I’ve been fishing all my life,I’m 26 years old and extremly hard working.I would love the opportunity to try crab fishing.

  145. Ryan Fleury says:

    I’m a fishermen from Nova Scotia , I would love the chance to prove myself in the Alaskan crab fisheries. I’ve been all over the world and came to realize whille sitting in afghanistan on tour that getting home to work for my father fishing and evenually buying the gear was what I need to do to make myself happy. I would love the chance to show myself and you that I can fish with the big boys and hold my own, please give me a chance even if I have to work for free until I show you I’m worth the money

  146. Jeff english says:

    my name is jeff english i live va beach ive worked on a blue crab crab boat for 2 years and im ready to step up to the big boys and make me and the boat some!!!!it would be a great opportunity so lets go to work i got my rain gear ready to go!!! (937) 789-7596

  147. G’day to whoevers reading this.Shit it’s a long way from Australia but willing to give it a go.Will be honest and say I’ve never had a crack at the stuff you people do but it interests me.Have mainly only worked as a bar(piss pourer),but have done some other physical stuff like labouring work.Cheers reader and hope to here back.If not where would you recommend in Australia to have a go.Cheers.

  148. Ollie says:

    i live in Australia i wouldnt mine doing work over seas have 2 childern age 14 and 16 love 2 make there lives as best as possable and if it means me going away earning money for them i will.. because a fathers love is better then anything.. but i havernt got much sea’s Job on me but.. like:
    Glassy,Bouncer, trolley pusher, vein yard pickin and few more land jobs

    like i said havernt got much sea works nil i think if i can remember but iam a hard worker like 2 work every day if i could dont want any days off.. only if its import work sick if need be.. iam only small like 5’4 but O well lol and also once i learnt somthing wont go away might need 2 be shown few times but when i got it i got it…

    P.S didnt like the 1 above so i rite another one.. Soz

  149. Marcus B. Johnson says:

    Ready to Work

  150. Daniel mcgowan says:

    iam a single 38 male heathy no kids no wife to worry about hard working can handle the cold.I work as a team.my name is daniel mcgowan.When it come to work iam your guy no jobs is easy iam a quick learner .I will break my back to show you iam a hard worker i will do any kind of work on the ship if you give me the opportunty to work 4 you you will not regret my working skills 607- 734- 2149

  151. Simon Doroscan says:

    Hello this is Simon, Im 29 married with 4 kids. I have been dreaming the Bering Sea for a long time. Im working on river barge boats right now. Other than that Ive done nothing else but farm work here in Missouri. I seek a great adventure and the chance to see the bering sea. I have always been told Im a good worker. But all I really want is to go out in the Bering Sea. That would make me the happiest man alive. If anyone can help me please let me know. sdoroscan@yahoo.com

  152. SAL THE PAL says:

    Hello fellow fisherman…. my name is Sal , i am 24yrs young and i have been watching the deadliest catch and i must say u men are great and brave as they come …. well i have been fishing with my father since i was 17 on several jobs my skills are: a great deck hand and baiter …… im young and interested to get a job in the fishing industry…. i recently closed and sold my mmj business….. my father passed 1 yr ago and the very most important thing that reminds me of him is fishing…. i dont own my boat but i think i will do great in this field… also id like to explore the seas and be a great member of a fishing team…. well i hope somone contacts me with some great information… my number is *** 818-675-5393 *** God bless everyone…

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